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The Norwegian Forest Cat
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The Norwegian Forest Cat, commonly referred to as the NFC or Wegie, originated in Norway and is a natural breed without many of the genetic problems of many other breeds. They have evolved over the centuries in many special ways to survive the harshest of Scandinavian winters.

They developed a warm dense undercoat to insulate them and long water-resistant guard hairs to help protect them from the snow and cold moist air; the guard hairs are longer on the sides, back and bushy tail. The coat is very dense and during the winter months they develop a long mane around their necks and longer knickerbockers at the back. Their feet are very heavily tufted to protect their feet from the cold.

They have thick strong claws designed for climbing trees, which is where they spent the majority of their time; they are known to come down trees head first. Their bodies are very muscular and heavily boned; their hind legs are longer than the front - a sure indicator of a good jumper. Their eyes are large, open and slightly oblique - this gives then an endearing but wild look. They have well tufted ears with lynx-like tufts on top. The NFC was in some instances mistaken for a Lynx, they are both long legged, with ear tufts, long manes and good straight profiles.
Each of the different registering bodies has their own interpretation on the NFC Standard of Points but some of the NFC characteristics are essential as they are part of what makes them unique.

Their weather resistant coats are one of the most obvious; they developed to resist all the Scandinavian winters could throw at them. It should be impervious to rain and snow, consisting of the two layers of soft warm dense undercoat and rough guard hairs. Their long bushy tail is often carried around in the air very proudly. In the summer months the NFC appears to be a short hair but as the winter months draw in their coats become fuller and longer, especially around the mane and britches. Their coats can come in nearly any colour except cinnamon, fawn, chocolate and lilac (these colours can be found but have not yet been proven to be natural to the breed.) The length, density and texture of the coat is of the highest importance and to maintain the correct quality all the traditional colours are required in the breeding program, the most commonly found colour is brown/black tabby and white.

Their eyes are almond shaped, and open, giving them an alert look that is unique and often belies their intelligence and personality. They can also be almost any colour ranging from the most burnished gold to the palest of blues or most striking of deep greens. Their ears arch forward and are wide at the base. Their head is triangular and if you follow the outer edge of the ears to the chin it should form a good triangle, the chin is firm and the profile is straight.

Their body is of medium length and the boning is heavy, the hind legs are longer than the front and with the depth of flank all these things should give the impression of a very strong, muscular and powerful build.

The NFC is a very friendly animal, very inquisitive and enjoys being around people, children and other pets. They are very patient and do not generally stress very easily, however they are more often a companion that will sit beside you rather than on your lap especially in the hot summer months. The NFC needs little grooming, as they are generally able to groom themselves, they do however require more grooming during the annual molt. The NFC is a very loyal companion that will enjoy being with you and your family as much as you will enjoy being with them. They are indeed very addictive!!!!!!